CRK’s Outings Program is not just a diverse way to enjoy the great outdoors – it’s a chance to connect our community to the Chattahoochee River and provide different perspectives on its value in the everyday lives of Georgians. And at times, it’s a chance to give something back to the river by pulling something out – trash. One part paddle trail, one part hiking trail, one part camping venue, and one part threatened water source … the Chattahoochee means many things to many people.

Here are some great ways you can get out and find out why:



Enjoy any or all of these ranger-led paddle trips within the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. These trips are in partnership with the National Park Service.

  • July 15 – Buford Dam to McGinnis Ferry (9 miles) SOLD OUT
  • July 29 – Jones Bridge to Island Ford (9 miles) SOLD OUT
  • August 12 – Johnson Ferry to Paces Mill (8 miles) SOLD OUT


CRK’s camp and paddle trips have become a favorite within our paddling community. Be sure to mark your calendar and enjoy two nights of camping and two days of paddling in some of the most gorgeous sections of the Chattahoochee River.

  • March 11-12 – Buzzard Roost Paddle Cleanup and Camp
  • March 25 – Chattahoochee Bend Paddle Trip
  • May 6-7 –  Headwaters Water Trail Camp and Paddle Trip
  • June 3 –  Chestatee River Paddle, Day Trip
  • September 30 – Two-State Chattahoochee Paddle (West Point, GA to Riverview, AL)
  • October 21-22 – Middle Chattahoochee Paddle/Camp


Join us for hikes, lake trips and whitewater rafting adventures!

  • April 1 – West Point Lake Wildlife Cruise
  • May 19 – West Point Lake Sunset Jazz Cruise
  • June 8 – West Point Lake Full Moon Blues Cruise
  • June 17 – Lake Lanier Wildlife Cruise on the Chota Princess II
  • August 26 -Green Stormwater Infrastructure Bus Tour
  • September 24 – West Point Lake Critter Tales
  • September 30 – Sunset Heritage Music Cruise on Lake Lanier
  • October 14 – Hike to the Soque Headwaters
  • November 3 – West Point Lake Heritage Cruise


This is your opportunity to help protect one of our most precious resources by volunteering on one or more of these cleanups and helping us get the trash out!

  • January 28 – Happy Hour Cleanup
  • April 8 – Sweep the Hooch
  • April 22 – Earth Day Soque River Paddle Cleanup
  • September 2 – Happy Hour Cleanup
  • *NEW DATE October 28 – Headwaters Cleanup North of Helen
  • December 9 – Happy Hour Cleanup


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