The West Point Lake Floating Classroom (WPLFC) has dramatically expanded the reach of CRK’s floating classroom program. Managed by CRK’s LaGrange office, the WPLFC is an environmental education program that offers hands-on learning opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students in the Middle Chattahoochee region; field experiences for college students; and guided trips for community groups, nature centers, summer camps and more. Onboard the Miss Sally – a custom-built 42-foot vessel – our experienced instructors engage participants in a variety of activities that highlight science, history, math and the challenges facing the Chattahoochee River, a source of drinking water and recreation for millions of people in Georgia and Alabama.

WPLFC Spring 2016 Highlight from CRK-TV on Vimeo.

IMG_28552048 pixels by Erik Voss for CRKThe West Point Lake Floating Classroom is a concept with a proven track record. For the past 15 years, CRK has operated the only floating classroom in Georgia on Lake Lanier, successfully bringing 40,000 students and teachers onboard for hands-on educational activities that meet Georgia’s Performance Standards. Thanks to a generous grant from the Callaway Foundation and other local supporters, we expect to achieve the same results with the WPLFC in the Middle Chattahoochee region.

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 4th – 8th grade

West Point Lake Aquatic Study: Come aboard the Miss Sally floating classroom as we explore the history, ecology and challenges facing West Point Lake, a man-made recreational lake that borders Georgia and Alabama. Students will be introduced to the concept of watersheds, specifically the Chattahoochee River watershed and learn the impact humans have on the quality of the watershed. Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s role in protecting the watershed will be emphasized as well. Students will increase their understanding and appreciation of the lake when they join our knowledgeable and experienced staff to sample plankton, measure turbidity and determine pH and dissolved oxygen levels. Complementary watershed activities including topographical map studies, storm water runoff demonstrations, water treatment plant simulation and Lakeology trivia game occur on land.

GPS (4th grade): S4CS1, S4CS3, S4CS7, S4CS8, S4E3, S4L1 __________________________  ALEX 4th grade: 5

GPS (5th grade): S5CS1, S5CS3, S5CS7, S5CS8, S5P2 ________________________________ ALEX 5th grade: 1, 3, 9

GPS (6th grade): S6CS1-4, S6CS9, S6E3, S6E5 __________________________________ ____ ALEX 6th grade: 3

GPS (7th grade): S7CS 1-4, S7CS9, S7L4 ____________________________________________ ALEX 7th grade: 7

GPS (8th grade): S8CS1-4, S8CS9, S8P1 ____________________________________________ ALEX 8th grade: none

 Length of Program:

2 hours for basic program (30 student max);

3 hours for basic program with added complementary activities (60 student max)

Cost of program:

2 hour program: $12/student, $5/chaperone, no charge for teachers, $250 minimum

3 hour program: $15/student, $5/chaperone, no charge for teachers, $350 minimum

*Limited scholarships are available for groups that qualify.

 High School | Colleges & University

West Point Lake Water Quality Index Study: This program provides an ideal field study opportunity for Environmental Science and AP Biology classes, as well as college level biology/ecology classes. Students will learn about the impact humans have on the quality of the Chattahoochee River watershed and Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s role in protecting the watershed will be emphasized as well. Students will then conduct seven different tests aboard the Miss Sally floating classroom to determine the overall water quality of West Point Lake. Tests include dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature change, total phosphates, nitrates, total suspended solids (turbidity) and total dissolved solids (conductivity). In addition, classes will have the option to take samples back to their classrooms in order to determine fecal coliform and biochemical oxygen demand.

 GPS: SCSH 2-4; SB4; SEV 1, 2, 3, 5 _____________________ ALEX: 6, 8-12 Environmental Elective | Biology 1 & 13

 Length of program: 2 hours (30 student max)

Cost of program: 2 hour program: $12/student, $5/chaperone, no charge for teachers, $250 minimum

*Limited scholarships are available for groups that qualify.

Guided Tours

Civic and church groups, garden clubs, small businesses and corporations may reserve an informational tour aboard the Miss Sally. All tours include an overview of CRK’s mission, the Chattahoochee River watershed, and West Point Lake highlights and history. Binoculars will be provided for bird watching as birds of prey (bald eagle, osprey) and great blue herons are commonly spotted on WPL. Groups may opt to provide their own refreshments.

 Length of program: 90 min – 2 hours

Cost of program: 2 hour program: $12/person, $250 minimum

 A grant from the West Point Fund will go towards purchasing onboard equipment. Our growing list of partners, supporters and volunteers includes the following schools, organizations, agencies and foundations – Heard County High School, West Georgia Boys and Girls Club, Chattahoochee Council-Boy Scouts of America, LaGrange Academy, LaGrange College, Columbus State University, Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, Heard County Chamber of Commerce, LaGrange-Troup Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Adopt-a-Stream-Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia, City of LaGrange, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Highland Marina, Elachee Nature Science Center, Troup Alive & Green, Callaway Foundation, The Turner Foundation, and the West Point Fund. 
 Ms. Sally was officially launched on September 10, 2015. The speeches were moving and the excitement about the next chapter of CRK’s environmental education programs was palpable. Watch the video to experience it for yourself!

West Point Lake Floating Classroom – Official Launch from CRK-TV on Vimeo


For more information or to make a donation, please contact Outreach Manager Henry Jacobs at [email protected].

To register for a program or for information on the WPLFC, contact Laura Breyfogle at [email protected] or call at 706-882-3701.

CRK is currently seeking additional financial support to fund educational components of the classroom.



Dave and Mary Jane Kirkpatrick and the HBB Foundation

Turner Foundation Inc

The Alice Richards Foundation

The West Point Fund


The West Point Lake Coalition