Few Penalties For Chicken Plants Polluting Lake Lanier Tributary

Chickens in trailers_cover story

millions of chickens are slaughtered on site at these facilities each week.

In 2009, a Gainesville fisherman gave us a call, reporting hundreds of dead fish floating in flat creek.Today, nearly six years later and just in time for world water day, the AJC’s Shannon McCaffrey shared our years of CRK follow up on this initial call which has shed light on a huge industry creating big problems for our waterways. The story highlights two poultry plants CRK has been pushing for years to clean up their act and underpins a chronic problem facing our waterways- industrial stormwater pollution. Open the PDF below to read the whole story or download it here – Few penalties, lax oversight for chicken plants that pollute _ www.myajc

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival Returns!

2015WSFF_Tour_SmallPoster_Templatev3CRK, in collaboration with Brenau University and the University of North Georgia, is thrilled to bring the Wild and Scenic® Film Festival to Gainesville GA on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

Join us to witness environmental and adventure films that illustrate Earth’s beauty, the challenges facing our planet and the work communities are doing to protect the environment. Through these films, Wild & Scenic will inform you about the state of the world and inspire you to take action. Click here to learn more

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Legislative Update

Bag Monster Edit

One More Generation’s plastic bag monster made his way to the capitol on Monday to voice his displeasure about HB 444

HB 444 Blocks Plastic Bag Bans, Removes Local Control

Last week, a bill prohibiting cities and counties from enacting bans on plastic bags passed the Georgia Senate. Monday, HB 444 was heard in the House Agriculture Committee where more than 20 individuals from around the state testified against the bill, calling it a serious incursion on local government authority. Despite the strong testimony (and the intimidating presence of the Plastic Bag Monster), the committee passed the bill with only one NO vote from Representative Scot Turner- thanks Rep Turner!

As the bill makes its way to the House floor for a final vote, please call your representative and ask them to vote NO on HB 444. Don’t know who your representative is? We can help. You can also visit Environment Georgia’s website to send a letter to your representative.

Soil and Water Regulations Threatened

The House Agricultural Committee also passed HB 397, a bill that changes the way the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission operates. The commission provides information, oversight, and assistance to a variety of entities throughout the state to maintain and conserve soil and water quality.

Muddy water flowing from construction sites is one of the biggest sources of river pollution.

Muddy water flowing from construction sites is one of the biggest sources of river pollution.

The bill would remove the ultimate authority for approving the manual for erosion and sediment control in Georgia, known as the Green Book, from the Commission and places it under a group comprised of individuals from GA DOT contractors- demonstrating a clear conflict of interest as these entities are frequent violators of erosion and sedimentation regulations.

In his testimony, Riverkeeper Jason Ulseth advocated that oversight instead be placed with the Stakeholder Advisory Board as currently referenced in the Erosion and Sediment Control Act, arguing that the Stakeholder Advisory Board is more representative of the state as a whole.

Contact your representative to vote NO on HB 397.

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper
Chattahoochee Riverkeeper at Georgia State CapitolThursday, March 26th, 2015 at 3:23pm
We are at the state Capitol today talking to legislators about HB 397, a dirty water bill that would restructure the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission concentrating power in the Governor's office. With only 4 more days of this legislative session stay tuned for...
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We are at the state Capitol today talking to legislators about HB 397, a dirty water bill that would restructure... http://t.co/Rv5OZp43A1

RT @GreenLaw_GA: Bag the Ban! Defeat #SB139 & let local governments in GA regulate #PlasticPollution. Urge your Rep to vote NO! http://t.…

River Revival is BACK! Following on the heels of Jazz Fest, the jazzy sounds and soulful flavor of New Orleans... http://t.co/jOrPrahEJv


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