Water Planning and Conservation

The Chattahoochee River provides more than 70% of metro Atlanta’s drinking water to approximately five million people. Yet the watershed area north of Atlanta is among the nation’s smallest to serve a major metropolitan area.

This small watershed size—coupled with our growing population, altered landscape and changing climate—demands we be wise stewards of our water resources, to ensure we have enough clean water today, tomorrow and for future generations.

Regional Water Planning

We support sustainable regional water planning and supply options, and promote economical, commonsense solutions to address climate change and reduce water consumption. CRK has educated thousands of stakeholders, students, businesses and policy-makers about Georgia’s water challenges.

CRK has also worked to help resolve the decades-long Tri-State Water Conflict while being a voice for the resource so many people depend on.

It’s up to all of us to use water wisely.

– Chris Manganiello

CRK Water Policy Director

Rainwater Harvesting

A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from roofs that would otherwise be lost in runoff. Since 2009, CRK has distributed thousands of barrels to businesses and residents for rainwater capture. Advance Drum Service provides used 60-gallon food-safe barrels for use by homeowners. CRK workshops teach homeowners about water conservation, water-wise gardening and rain barrel installation. There are numerous benefits to installing a rain barrel:

  • A rain barrel saves the average homeowner about 1,300 gallons of water during peak summer months. A 1,200 square foot roof yields 700 gallons of water per inch of rain.
  • Gardens prefer rain water which is free of chlorine, lime, and calcium. Our barrel & kit system is fully enclosed, so mosquitoes can’t enter the barrel.
  • Installation is easy: there is no need to cut off your downspout. There is no risk of overflow because the diverter “back flushes” when the drum is full, sending excess water into the downspout.

Rain Barrel Installation

Although CRK no longer sells individual barrels and kits, we will gladly host private rain barrel workshops for large groups. For more information, contact Jordan at [email protected] or (404) 352-9828 ext. 213.

Other options for harvesting rainwater

Here are some local companies that provide prefabricated rain barrels and custom rainwater capture solutions:

The Rainbarrel Depot
An assortment of rain barrel designs and accessories

The Rainwater Pillow
A unique rain harvesting system designed to be stored in any horizontal wasted space such as a crawl space

Steve Williams
[email protected]
Atlanta area rainwater harvesting consultant, available to design and install custom systems for homes and businesses

This program is supported by:

Continued Education

Water Utilities: On the Front-Line Fighting Climate Change

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Rain Barrels & Gardens – Installation Guide

Information on water conservation, water-wise gardening and rain barrel installation and harvesting.

No Time To Waste

Water saving guide that teaches ways to be more water efficient at home, work, and in the garden.

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