A 435-mile collaborative adventure down the Chattahoochee River.
In 2019, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper celebrates 25 years of keeping watch over the Chattahoochee. To honor our anniversary and the river that provides so much, CRK is embarking on an ambitious journey downstream – a Relay Down the Hooch that brings people together to experience all 435 miles of the Chattahoochee River.

CRK invites you to be part of the journey and to follow along as we complete this collaborative, nine-month-long expedition. As the relay progresses, we will tell the story of the river and highlight our partners and collaborators who connect with the Chattahoochee in different ways.

From its source in the north Georgia mountains to its confluence with the Flint River at the Florida border, the Chattahoochee is a river that connects us. The river touches three states, countless communities, and over five million people who get their drinking water from the river each day.


The complete Relay Down the Hooch route spans 435 river miles and is comprised of more than 35 individual trips. Explore our route and follow our progress with the map below.

Sign up to join us on one of the public paddle trips led by CRK and our partners indicated with the blue star icons below. Sections that have an orange dot are led by partner organizations. For more information about a specific section, email Our journey will last 9 months, so come back and check for updates on new partners and trips to join!