Enjoy our videos and experience the difference we’ve made in the watershed and in the lives of those who depend on the river, its lakes and its tributaries.


River Revived: Middle Chattahoochee

24th Annual Patron Dinner – River Guardian Award

24th Annual Patron Dinner – Fund the Need

Lake Lanier Floating Classroom

WPL Floating Classroom Spring 2016 Highlight

2017 Ray Day Video

Back to the Chattah River Race and Festival 2015

The Chattahoochee Runs Through All of Us

Seasonal Water Monitoring on Lake Lanier

Twenty Years of Progress at CRK

Meet a Neighborhood Water Watch Volunteer

2018 Neighborhood Water Watch Video

2017 River Guardian Award Video

See Changes

“See Change”: Keeping Bees in Atlanta

“See Change”: Lake Lanier

“See Change”: West Point, Ga.

“See Change”: Apalachicola River Watershed

“See Change”: Tanyard Garden, Decatur, Ga.

“See Change”: Upper Headwaters of the Chattahoochee River

“See Change”: Chattahoochee Headwaters