Your representative needs to hear from you today; help us protect the Chattahoochee River

Disposal of coal ash waste threatens the Chattahoochee River, but our state legislators can require public notice and better monitoring to protect our drinking water from this toxic threat. CRK and the Georgia Water Coalition are supporting two bills in the General Assembly.

  • HB 879 will require Georgia Power and other power generating utilities to notify communities before the water from coal ash ponds is drained into our rivers, lakes and streams.
  • HB 880 will require notification and more stringent testing at landfills that are accepting coal ash. It would also prohibit municipal solid waste landfills located in floodplains or too close to shallow aquifers from accepting coal ash.

Please ask your representative to vote in favor of these bills. Contact them here.

For more information about this issue read The Newnan Times story about how Georgia Power is handling coal ash disposal.